Heroic Journey…of a Ship?

Story in Silent Space Rebellion is an essential part of what we’re trying to do. So many browser based games on the market – one of the things that sets us apart distinctly is that we have a specific and a unique story to tell.

This story isn’t really the story of one character – though we have a group of characters along for a ride. We don’t ignore them either – but the story that we’re telling in Silent Space Rebellion is really meant to be a story about a ship: the SCT Joshua.

The SCT Joshua is many things in our universe – it’s the underdog, it’s the rebel, it’s the hero ship. Each of these elements was picked to give the ship something about it that helped us tell the story, because the story is what we are all about.

The underdog nature of the ship is more subtle – and only comes out if you pay close attention to the back story of the ship. The Joshua was not made to be a front line combat unit. It was created for just one purpose: orbital bombardments. Neither as well armed nor as fast as the heavier battleships and larger ships of the line in the DDF fleet, it was listed as scrap and sold off to the SCT without the knowledge of the DDF. The Joshua is one of the first of these boats – before the SCT started upgrading and outfitting them better. This element of the story helps us show how exceptional the crew and characters are in our universe – they’re doing the special operations better than anyone else, even with substandard equipment.

The rebel nature of the ship frees us from having any sort of chain of command limitations – we certainly do see the SCT High Command (and even aspects of its military command) but ultimately the ship is free to do things that a ship operating in a normal military hierarchy might not be able to do. We’ve deliberately avoided situations like this to avoid the player having to look at the game and ask themselves “What would the commander say if he knew what his ship was doing?”. Consequences are a real thing in the real world – and a great way to ground our game as something believable.

The heroic aspect of our ship comes out of necessity. Ever story has a driving element – something that keeps the plot moving forward, such as a McGruffin. In this case, our element moving the story forward is this one ship – whose affect on the war and on the universe at large have a disproportionate effect to their size!

For many years the Developers at Intertainment Games have believed that Video games are a great way to tell a story – it’s much more than just entertainment, it’s an interactive experience, and that’s what we’ve tried to do with Silent Space Rebellion – we hope you’ll agree that we’ve done a good job!

Until Next Time, Sink Enemy shipping!

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