After the destruction of their Empire, surviving military forces gather at the Citadel – a space station of massive proportions able to withstand even the heaviest attack. With no government, no citizens, and little resources, this rag tag band of survivors must fight back to reclaim the territory that was lost – winning over the hearts and minds of the other systems in the universe to succeed.

Crawlspace is a 2-8 player cooperative game, set in an entirely new universe. Players will focus on building their empire while playing just one ship in that empires cog. Shared resources for spending and shared inventory for purchasing and equipping gear will force players to work together to succeed.

Part tactical simulator and part real-time strategy game, the action doesn’t stop when the player logs off. A persistent universe will keep the enemy attacking friendly ships and stations, and the player can position their own forces to respond to offline onslaughts and view the results when they return to do more battle.’

Crawlspace is currently in development.

1 Response to Crawlspace

  1. NotSkya says:

    I like it, but add a way that we can also repopulate, I’ve always wondered how sex in space would go down.

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