Silent Space


In the dark corners of the known universe, a dangerous coalition of scientists frustrated by years of stifled progress under an ancient law have banded together to create their own government. Angered by the Insurgency, the Defense Deployment Force rallies to beat them back and cover up their dark secrets.

Out of this war torn galaxy, the SCT Joshua enters the fray. Stealthy and unseen, the ship is able to slip behind enemy lines. Disrupting enemy supplies is only part of her goals, however, as she works to uncover why the war started and what the Defense Deployment Force is so desperate to hide from their citizen…

Based heavily on stealth tactics, Silent Space: Rebellion will put the player in control of a Joshua-type space ship raiding and disrupting enemy lines of supply and communication. Players will be able to band together into small temporary groups, or large dominating fleets and seize control of territory to increase their bounty and supply, while the players experience more then 30 missions that will reveal the darkest secrets of the galaxy.

Entirely browser based and online, Silent Space: Rebellion will be playable on any computer with an internet connection – no plugins or software other then a browser will be necessary. Frequent updates are planned to keep the game fresh and keep players on their toes as the technological game of chess swings the advantage back and forth, forcing the player to upgrade their ship with new radar and cloaking systems to stay ahead of their enemy.

Silent Space Rebellion is currently in development.

Silent Space Concept Artwork

Silent Space Model Renders

Silent Space Backgrounds

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