Intertainment Games creates browser-based RPGs in ever changing and expanding worlds to enjoy in solo missions or with friends on any computer that connects to the internet for the lowest price possible.

Their founder, Mark Williams, started by creating RPG table top games for his friends. Coupled with his knowledge of computers and programming he developed Intertainment Games to provide games that you could play from anywhere you could use a computer and get on the internet.

“My purpose is to give people great game play and make it easy to use. No downloads required, no fancy flash screens, no plug-ins required, just gaming.” he said.

Their first pair of games, Silent Space: Rebellion and Crawlspace are currently in development.

“Imagine a naval war in space and you have Silent Space Rebellion. The feedback we’ve gotten in testing is tremendous. People like to play, and they love the concept.” Williams added. “Crawlspace is a group based game – social game with real social activities like shared inventory and class setup. We really want people to engage their friends.”

Crawlspace is intended to launch with a buddy system that will allow players to invite their friends to play for free.

“We’re not really here to make money.” Williams said. “We want to build positive gaming experiences, not over charge our users out of the industry.”