The Future is NOW!

Well no, not really! But it’s coming. Every step we take towards finishing this game brings us closer to finishing and launching more features as well! It’s always a difficult decision to choose what goes into a first release and what needs to be pushed back, but ultimately all of our great ideas can’t be added in at one go. It’s just to much work! So today we thought we would take up some space here to talk today about what else we have planned as upcoming features post-launch.

Great Emphasis On Your Friends

Silent Space Rebellion and Crawlspace are both community focused games. “Oh, so are all Massively Multiplayer Online Games.” Yes, we know, they all have ‘multiplayer’ in them, but that’s not what we mean. Crawlspace, in particular, is not a single player game. Oh sure, you can launch a game and play it by yourself, but you’re going to get no where, pretty fast.

One of the ways we emphasized this in the current game is with the shared station inventory. Every item you build goes into a shared inventory for ALL players to draw from. So you’d better make sure you know who gets what before you build it and your buddy picks up all the guns you needed for your ship!

But moving forward from here we are going to introduce the concept of Cross-Game Fleets. Fleets will be sort of like Guilds in other MMO games, in that you will be able to organize players together. Our fleets, however, will cross all games in our system. You can belong to the same Fleet in Crawlspace that you do in SSR, or completely different ones! And fleets will be able to own and control Territory in the Silent Space universe across all three games.

We have some other features planned for Fleets, but for now we’re going to keep them under wraps.

More Maps Required

In addition to new features, we want to shake up the existing features as well. Silent Space Rebellion features a HUGE sector map, and only about 18% of that has currently been mapped out. Crawlspace features a scant 27 systems by comparison, fixed in place, and about 180 planets.

Crawlspace is going to get a dynamic map system that will let you variably control the size and density of the game world (though this will still be within pre-defined limits). We took great care when developing this first version of the game to ensure that in the future, systems could be moved around without impacting game code. Path detection for the AI, for example, is all dynamically calculated. This means slightly higher upfront hardware costs, but we thought for the features we could add, it would be worth it.

The Heroic Journey Of a Ship

Crawlspace and Silent Space actually share a universe, though this is not referenced in Crawlspace because it is not Story Focused like the Silent Space series of games are. But the Silent Space Story is a Living Campaign. It will go on as long as the game does, with new story related missions every month. That’s not a Living Campaign though. So what do we mean when we say Living Campaign?

Have you ever wanted to BE part of the story? Maybe not the hero, but at least the guy that helped the hero get where he was going? We want that to – our intention is to closely monitor the actions of players through the forums and the game, and incorporate your actions into the story and shape of the campaign in the game! That’s right, if you guys spend all your time dominating a sector, that might have story repercussions moving forward!

The most important element to take away from this is that what you do matters. And we are going to continually add to this story as the time goes on, as long as you are willing to play our game.

We hope this gets you excited about our game! We get excited talking about it, and we can’t wait to share more with you about what we’re planning to do next! As part of that plan we are going to build a Public Roadmap for the game in the coming months, so you can understand what our path is going to be to each of the features we’ve talked about here!

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