Moving at the Speed of Click

Silent Space Rebellion has four distinct types of movement. They all flow seamlessly into and from each other, but the system can be overwhelming at first glance, so in preparation for our upcoming Beta Test we’re going to outline the four types of movement here so you can understand the systems at work before being captured by the game.

Combat Movement

Combat movement is the simplest form of movement in the game. You pick a heading, and set your speed, and your ship moves out. This form of movement is the most ‘open’ but is only available during combat situations for reasons we will explain later. This sort of movement gives you little time to react to an incoming threat, and requires careful use and control of in order to make the most of your available weapons and equipment stored on board your ship. In this form of movement you are hunting individual ships to destroy. This mode can be reached by engaging a fleet, or being engaged by a fleet.

Solar Movement

Solar movement takes place around the star of  the solar system you’re currently engaged in. This type of movement is grid based – with your ship moving left / right /up /down and along diagonals to scan different grids of space. This type of movement was deliberately chosen for this part of the game in order to enhance the feeling of ‘the stalk’ that is such a part of the cloaking system in our game. In this form of movement you are hunting for a fleet to engage in combat with. If the fleet finds and detects you first though, you’re immediately engaged in combat!

System Movement

System movement will move your ship by ‘jumping’ it through the Hyper Gate to a particular destination. No enemies are present in this mode, and the player has free reign to move around between solar systems at this point. It is possible to scan into the system before entering it, without being detected.

Sector Movement

The simplest of all movement (our Facebook page has a picture of this here!) this form of movement will allow you to deploy your ship through a Far Jump to another sector in the game.

We know you won’t understand much of this until you can see it in game (maybe in our upcoming Beta Test!), and we’ll have some more details coming soon!

Until Next Time, Sink Enemy Shipping!

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