Galleries, Away!

A wise internet marketing article once suggested that Indie Game Developers should spend 25% of their time doing nothing but marketing to be successful. If that’s true, we’re well on our way to success. Previously, our corporate site was a mashed together mess we made ourselves out of desperation. It functioned as an online image gallery/corporate front page/document repository/developers forum for keeping all our information and communication in one place. However, we have better tools for that now, so it’s time for a change!

Currently we’re in the process of a major move for our corporate site to use this Word Press blog as a full corporate site, including media, press releases, and contact information. You might notice a change in the URL you used to get here – and also changes to the tabs above. These are all great things that will help us better brand our messages. So let us give you a quick update about some of the key features these are bringing you.

Crawlspace & Silent Space Rebellion Pictures

Want to know what our games our about? These pages are for you. With quick, concise descriptions, they’ll have you eager to jump into our flagship products in absolutely no time at all. These pages will also be used to host all kinds of media related to our games. For example, the Silent Space page currently has concept art, a models gallery, and some screenshots of the game! These are all things that were wildly missing before, but are back into action now.

Developers Blog

Want to know what our developers are thinking? So do we, and you can find out here. They share their thoughts on everything from art direction to story direction, to coding problems they aren’t enjoying having to solve. A very personal touch from our hardest working individuals, this is the place to REALLY find out whats going on with your favorite games.

Press Page

Watch this space for official press releases and announcements. We wouldn’t want them getting mixed up with the Developers, programmers are sensitive creatures after all.

Please don’t forget to Visit us on Facebook to see our latest art postings, musings, polls…and to leave us your valuable feedback! We love to hear what you think!

Until Next Time, Sink Enemy Shipping!

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