Media Matters

We here at Intertainment Games know that Social Media is a big part of any company these days, and especially a new young upstart trying to make its place in a bustling industry. It’s taking some time, but we’re spinning up our various media arms again in order to bring you, the user, the viewer, the reader, the fan, more information about our upcoming release.

It’s hard to say much about what’s going on when boring code development work is begin done, so to give you an idea of what universe you’re stepping into we’ve created Five twitter feeds for you to follow. These twitter feeds are a collaborative effort by our staff to tell a story about what’s gone on in the universe with the SCT Joshua before you, the player, takes command. They provide a very deep look at backgrounds to the conflict, and both of the major factions involved.

Because we are limited to only 140 character posts on Twitter, we decided to do something here to provide you with a short introduction to the major players on the twitter feeds:


The ingenuiitve SCT have broken with the DDF for a number of reasons – lack of funding for scientific development is an easy one to claim, but rumors abound about issues with the core technology of the DDF the planetary solar reactors – and the SCT is out to prove how dangerous they are once and for all.


Needing no introduction, the Joshua is a Joshua-class Type I stealth ship. She is the pride of the SCT Navy and carries on board with her some of the finest military minds. Despite being offered an upgrade time and time again, the crew have stuck with their Type I boat and forgone the sleeker and newer Type II’s and III’s out of sheer sentimentality.


A Swin Type III boat, the Madalyn makes up for the lack of armor and firepower (and modernization) that the Joshua’s older model doesn’t carry into battle. This ship can often – but not always – be found operating in conjunction with her littler, older, sister.


The militaristic DDF are playing a secret game -but no one knows the players, or even the details of the game. For now their efforts are focused on proving their technology is sound – against all the evidence – and smashing the SCT Rebellion.


The Doorma is a Fast Frigate, one of the newest and most deadly ships to join the DDF Fleet. Capable of rapid acceleration and speed, this ship is excellent at chasing down a SCT Stealth Ship before it can re-engage it’s cloak and disappear. When, that is, they can find one.

That’s all for this quick look at our major players, we hope you’ll connect to their twitter feeds and watch the story unfold! Until Next Time, Sink Enemy Shipping!

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