No show?

Well there’s nothing public to be seen yet, but development has been proceeding on the new Portal, more streamlined, designed to give you only the information that you care about. It’s moving along quite speedily, and we’re quite happy and proud of what we’ve been able to put together (this has not always been the case).

Meanwhile on the backend, work is moving forward to merge the back end with the front end – the back end in this case being the game. We’re happy to say that the current version of the game is about 60% of where it needs to be to be playable, and that 60% is rock hard solid in terms of being bug free. The only issues with it are really functionality – should this be a panel? Should it be a button? Where should the button go? and we’re working on all of those elements as part of the merger.

Hopefully some news about an upcoming Beta Test soon!

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